Yankee Hill Machine Co Slim Light Rail Series Smooth Rail 9.3" Mid Length Black Finish YHM-5140

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Yankee Hill Machine Co, Slim Light Rail Series, Smooth Rail, 9.3" Mid Length, Black Finish YHM-5140

The S.L.R.® (Slim, Light, Rail) series of handguards were designed to address the two main customer requests regarding our other handguard models.The number one request was to make a thinner handguard. Both versions are slimmer than our current handguards, the smooth being more than 5/8" thinner than our current quad rail design! The second most common request was to design a handguard that would accept most aftermarket piston systems. The new profile of the S.L.R.® allows for most piston systems to be used while maintaining a top rail that co-witnesses with the upper receiver.

We also redesigned the top rail so that when installed it creates one continuous picatinny rail between the upper receiver and the handguard. Also redesigned is our method for attaching the handguard to the receiver. NO EXTRA TOOLS are needed to install the S.L.R.® handguards! The smooth (customizable) version allows you to mount accessory rails to the sides and bottom if you desire using the same Customizable Forearm Rails that we currently offer.


The S.L.R.® Smooth comes with all necessary tools for installation, including:
-S.L.R.® Mid-Length Handguard
-Barrel Nut
-Barrel Nut Wrench
-4 screws (7/64ths Allen head)
-7/64ths allen wrench
-Installation Instructions