Magpul MSA – MOE Sling Attachment

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The Magpul MSA - (MOE Sling Attachment) attaches directly to the MOE Hand Guard.

The Magpul MSA provides a forward sling attachment point for the Magpul MS3 and MS3 Single QD slings as well as other clip-in sling systems. The Magpul MSA offers a large enough loop for easily attaching a Magpul Paraclip without having to have pin point accuracy in the heat of battle.  The Magpul Paraclip can also lock making the Magpul MSA a very secure means to attach a sling to the Magpul MOE hand guard on your weapon. Like the RSA, the MSA is made of  steel and is nitrocarbonized for wear and corrosion resistance. Made in U.S.A.