Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip Kit - Type 2

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MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip Kit - Type 2 - 7.62x51

The Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip is the updated version of the original Magpul MIAD grip.  The Magpul MIAD Type 2 grip is a direct replacement for the standard AR-10 grip.  The MIAD also comes in an AR-15 version as well (MAG520). The Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 is engineered to fit hands of all sizes.  It includes modular front and rear inserts for a personal custom fit.  Another great feature is Magpul Grip Core compatibility. The MIAD is shipped with Magpul’s newest grip core, the Lube Bottle Core. The Lube Bottle Core contains a half ounce lubrication bottle (lubrication not included).  All necessary hardware is included. Get the custom fit you’re looking for with the changeable front and rear inserts.  Three back straps (Small, Medium and Large) and two front straps (A1 and A2 style) are included. The Magpul MIAD Type 2 kit has a taller back straps for improved fit with certain 7.62 receivers.

The Magpul MIAD Type 2 is known to be compatible with the following AR-10 (7.62x51) weapons:

  • Armalite AR-10 A, B and T
  • DPMS LR308
  • KAC SR25
  • LaRue OBR
  • LMT .308 MWS
  • S&W M&P10