Magpul Grip Core MIAD MOE AA & AAA Battery Storage Core

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Magpul Grip Core - AA and/or AAA Batteries

The Magpul Grip Core is made for the MIAD, MOE, K, and AK grips and is designed to vertically hold two (2) AA or AAA batteries side by side. The Magpul Grip Core for AA and AAA can hold (2) AA batteries, (2) AAA batteries or (2) N size batteries.  It features an internal spacer that provides rattle-free storage of (2) AAA or (2) N size batteries (commonly used for EOTech sights).  The spacer is only used with AAA or N batteries, not for AA. The rubber cap has two sides with markings to identify "spent" batteries and can be opened with the push of the thumb. The AA AAA Magpul Grip Core has a rubber cap that makes the core waterproof and easy to open by flipping it with your thumb. Compatible with: The Magpul Grip Core can be removed from the grip easily.  Just push in the small tab and pull outwardly away from the grip. The Magpul Grip Core is a reliable way to make sure that you always have AA or AAA batteries on hand.  AA and AAA batteries are becoming more and more popular in commercial versions of military style optics, flashlights and numerous other accessories.  AA and AAA batteries are convenient and would only add an ounce to the weight of your gun. Batteries are not included with the Magpul Grip Core AA/AAA Made in U.S.A.